How Is Discrimination Different from Prejudice and Stereotyping?

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Use this worksheet to review Terminal Course Objectives for Developmental English (ENGL-032) and to assess your own accomplishments. In the SELF-ASSESSMENT column, record your thoughts on your abilities in each area. Be certain to take a moment and consider how much work you’ve completed and how much your skills have grown. No matter what grades you’ve earned, every student who applies himself/herself to these objectives will find that he/she is a better writer and reader at the end of the course. But don’t stop building your skills when our course is over! In the ACTION STEPS column, plan additional steps you can take to continue to improve your skills! TERMINAL COURSE OBJECTIVES | SELF-ASSESSMENT | ACTION STEPS | 1. Given a student paper on an assigned topic, revise the paper to eliminate grammatical errors including the areas of sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, pronoun use, spelling, mechanics, and usage. | | | 2. Given an assignment to write a paragraph, apply writing process strategies to pre-write, draft, and revise a paragraph with a topic sentence, well-organized supporting details, and appropriate examples. | | | 3. Given an informal writing topic with a specified purpose and audience, use writing process strategies to plan, draft, and revise an essay that includes a thesis statement, a clear pattern of organization, and effective supporting details. | | | TERMINAL COURSE OBJECTIVES | SELF-ASSESSMENT | ACTION STEPS | 4. Given selected readings, use context clues to analyze and define difficult words according to affixes, synonyms, antonyms, and roots, and produce a list of definitions for the words | | | 5. Given an article, essay, or reading selection from a textbook, apply active reading strategies such as predicting, visualizing, and questioning to establish meaning and identify the main ideas of the selection. | | |

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