Communications Reflective Paper

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Communications Reflective Paper Julian C. Nicholson MGT-233 November 09, 2011 Professor Anthony Adams Reflective Paper 2 The Communications Reflection Paper findings regarding my current listening abilities are the result of a series of questions asked of a subject by me without their knowledge of this assignment. The subject used for the purpose of this lesson is my wife Heather Nicholson. When asked if I make good eye contact when she or others are speaking, she said absolutely. When asked if I wait for the speaker to finish before I respond, she gave the following answer. Heather stated that I do allow those I am more unfamiliar with to complete their thoughts prior to responding to what they had to say. However I am more likely to cut the speaker off the more familiar I am with them. When asked if I suspend judgment until I have heard the entire story, She answered with a resounding NO. When asked if I ask questions for clarity, she said that I almost always ask appropriate questions at the appropriate time and give the speaker the sense that I am listening and genuinely care. When asked if I exhibit positive body language, she said yes. When asked if I pay complete attention and block out distractions, she stated that I do for the most part, but again the more familiar I am with the speaker I may allow other distractions to over shadow the conversation. She gave an example of when she is discussing a matter with me and I keep looking at the football game on TV and continue to say yeah as if I am listening, but she knows I am not. When asked if I communicate to others that listening is a top priority, she said yes. Reflective Paper
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