Self Reflection Essay

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Connecting Experience Reflection Paper Guidelines for Writing Your Reflection Essay The following prompts are designed to help you think about your connecting experience in the larger context of your BDP work, your major, and your educational and professional goals. Please reflect on and write about each of the following sets of questions. Your essay should cover each of these three main sections, and the questions beneath each section should help you think more deeply about your experience in these terms. Be as specific as possible, and give examples to illustrate what you have learned from the experience. I. Reflect on and assess your intellectual and professional development and learning through your connecting experience. What went well in your experience? What was challenging, and what did you learn from the challenges? What would you do differently in your next connecting experience? What have you discovered about yourself—your strengths, your weaknesses, your interests? How has this experience impacted your educational or professional goals? Have you identified or ruled out a possible career path? Have you been able to refine a goal you already had? What did you learn about your BDP or strand topic through this connecting experience? II. We hope that your connecting experience does “connect” to other work you do at UT, whether through other BDP coursework, courses for your major, or co-curricular experiences. Reflect on the connections between your experience and different kinds of learning experiences you’ve had. What theories, skills, or practices from previous experiences were useful in this connecting experience? How were they useful? Please give examples to illustrate. How did your past coursework inform any of your work during the connecting experience? What new ideas and approaches did you encounter through this experience? Were there any theories,
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