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1. Abstract: A student’s learning style is an important tool to strengthen an individual’s interpersonal communication skill. Upon self reflection, my most effective learning style is practical application of utilizing the tools required to accomplish a new skill. Combining it with an audience is paramount to improving the boundaries of my communication potential. To be able to adapt to change depends on your interpersonal communication skills, among these are self concept (self awareness) development, perception, active listening and non verbal communication. This report will identify the strengths and weaknesses I need to improve upon, and show my experience in applying effective interpersonal skills and behaviours. These will be exhibited in a videotaped interaction between two best friends – Dyadic primacy. The report will show how barriers can be formed due to the lack of information on cultural background. It will also consider, from an individual’s perspective, how this effects the personal interaction. More research into other people’s cultural values and beliefs may be required before we cast an internal thought process of judgment on how best to offer advice. 2. Introduction The principles of interpersonal communication are; showing the ability that you are able to learn, relate, to influence, to play and to help others achieve higher awareness of their own personal disclosure skills. ‘Interpersonal communication is the communication that takes place between to persons who have an established relationship; the people are in some way ‘connected’ (De Vito, 2004, page 4). This report will give an overview of some of the key factors of effective communication, such as verbal (words) and non verbal expressions (actions) which relate to the displayed behaviorisms by Natalie Cudmore (self) and Sally Dunford,
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