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Case 5: Getting from A to B Upon reading case study five, “Getting from A to B”, we have gained a greater understanding of the characteristics and factors associated with improving instruction for an online class. The case starts off with an example of a subject matter expert who is teaching an online course for the first time. Powers provided the characteristics of the SME before beginning the case study. Based on these elements, Powers decided how he could improve her course. Powers began by mentioning a proposed design model for the course after he viewed the professor’s syllabus, which was in the format of a learning portfolio. The first session consisted of discussion and observation between the two in order to create a more effective tutorial model. The second priority was to implement a calendar into the syllabus thus making it easier for students to maintain submission dates and to see how and where certain general course objectives would be met. The second to last task was creating an easy to navigate website used for material transferring purposes. The final step was focused on finding the best way to assess the professor’s students on their fulfillment of course objectives. Session two and three involved reviewing the deliverables of both students and the professor. Powers helped her improve her PowerPoint presentations by having her define her content, with which he used to create visual depictions (e.g. diagrams and charts) to reinforce learning. In session three, the professor concluded that four assignments were crucial to assessing student learning: in-class participation, an individual midterm, group presentation, and an individual reflection assignment. The final session was related to the breakdown of points distributed to students. The Socratic approach, which consists of session-based questions followed by answers, was adopted into the

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