Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper

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Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper Debbie Cooper PSY/360 April 1, 2013 Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper Introduction Identifying some key milestones in the development of cognitive psychology as a form of discipline and how they pertain to psychology is discussed in this paper. The description of cognitive psychology, what it means for psychology, and its beginnings are crucial to understanding psychology. This research will describe how each milestone has added to the strength of cognitive psychology and will show the importance of cognitive psychology. The researcher will begin with the definition of cognitive psychology. The Definition Cognitive psychology broken down into its simplest form is essentially thinking psychology. It deals with memory, understanding, learning, language, attention, and problem-solving among the many areas. Cognitive psychology has many sub-specialties that al covers a primary interest in mental activity and outcome. Many of the traditional topics of psychology – the study of perception, memory, language, learning, and child development are also of interest to cognitive psychologists” (Harre & Lamb, 1983 ). In the early 1700s in Britain is where the concept of psychology had its early start. The following are four of the key milestones in cognitive psychology. Functionalism In psychology functionalism is the second paradigm. The main goal of functionalism deals with the functioning of the mental process, which also covers one’s consciousness. William James was functionalisms most popular champion. Functionalism when broken down to the basics is how the mental process interacts while functioning. Functionalisms influence continues to be a part of psychology today it was and is a part of psychologies foundation or building block. Structuralism In psychology structuralism is described as
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