Psy/400 Social Psychology Research Paper

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Social Psychology Definition Paper Jessica Garcia PSY/400 Social Psychology October 28, 2013 Christine Hander Social Psychology Definition Paper Psychology is the scientific study of behavior, both human and animal behavior, with special interest in mental events involved in learning, thinking, and memory just to name a few (Psychology, 2006). Psychology consists of many subfields with a base of different schools of thought. To make these subfields science there are a few key ingredients needed; theory, research, and results. Each field has special interest on understanding,…show more content…
4). In a more descriptive definition social psychology is a scientific study that focuses on understanding and explaining how humans think about, influence and/or affect, and relate to one another. Social psychology can be summed up and simply defined as the scientific study of social thinking, social influence, and social relations (Myers, 2010). Although there are many different views, experiments, outcomes, and theories that make up social psychology these ideas can be boiled down to just a few central ideas referred to as social psychology's big lessons (Myers, 2010). These big ideas can be categorized under social thinking, social influence, or social relations. The idea that we construct our social reality falls under social thinking, it describes the natural human urge to explain behavior, by attempting to attribute it to a cause, in order to make it seem orderly, predictable, and controllable (Myers, 2010). According to social psychology our social intuitions are powerful and sometimes perilous, suggesting that the human ability to understand something immediately, molds or influences behavior because it also shapes fears, attitudes, impressions, and relationships (Myers, 2010). It is also believed that social influences shape behavior as does behavior shape social influences. Myers (2010) provides an example as to how behavior is shaped by social influences making humans social creatures, “We speak and think in words we learned from others (Social psychology, p. 7). At times social environments or situations manipulate behaviors contrary to emotions, overpowering feelings and allowing the situation to guide behaviors. Another ideas of social psychology is that personal attitudes and depositions shape behavior, this describes the belief that inner attitudes and personalities
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