Coach Bob Knight and Coach Mike Krzyzewski

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Coach Bob Knight and Coach Mike Krzyzewski are two of the most successful college coaches. Each of these two men are famous not only for their winning records, but for their (like nothing else in the world) leadership styles, both on and off the basketball court. Coach Bob Knight became a legend as the head basketball coach at Indiana University. He is now the head basketball coach at Texas Tech. Coach Mike Krzyzewski has been the head basketball coach at Duke University since 1980. It is interesting to point out that these two men are connected by more than the mere fact that they are two of the most successful basketball coaches of all time. When Mike Krzyzewski played basketball his freshman year at the United States Military College/school at West Point, his head coach was Bob Knight. Together, these two men built a coach and student relationship that changed into a working relationship of friendship and respect for each other. Based upon the model of Robert Katz there are a few skills that accounted for the success of each of these coaches. Coach Knight was well full of knowledge in two of the leadership qualities said/taught by Katz, those being technical skills and idea-based skills. Coach Knight grew and did well at these two qualities. He has the ability to know exactly what works in what situation and how to change what is not working to win a game. One skill, according to Katz' model, that Coach Knight is (not having enough of something) in is human skills. Coach Knight is known for his roughness, for his "throwing a chair on the court", not for his human qualities. Isaiah Thomas, a now famous pro-basketball player was one of Coach Knight's college players. In regards to former college coach, Isaiah Thomas said that Coach Knight threatened/made scared and used a high level of cursing while coaching. (Alford) In contrast, according to Kratz' model, Coach

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