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Boston Celtics Franchise Goal Fair GOAL Fair Outline THESIS STATEMENT: The Boston Celtics are a popular dynasty because of their NBA titles, key players, and historical rivalries. 1. INTODUCTORY PARAGRAPH 1. Opening 2. Detail 3. Thesis Statement 4. Transitional Sentence BODY- The Boston Celtics: NBA Titles, Key Players, Historical Rivalries 1. NBA Basketball 2. 30 Teams 3. 2 Conferences 4. Eastern and Western 3. 4 Divisions 4. Atlantic, Central, Midwest, Pacific 2. The Draft 3. 57-60 players each year 3. Madison Square 1. Celtics’ NBA Titles 2. 17 NBA Championships 3. 8 in a row 4. 1959-1966 1. Key Players 2. Bill Russell 3. Bio Info 3.…show more content…
Bill was born William Felton Russell but went as Bill. He was born in February 12th, 1934 in Monroe, Louisiana. During this time, blacks were not treated with respect and weren’t allowed their rights like the white people were. His mother was arrested for dressing nice. The police officers said “as if she thought she was white” (Russell). So, the Russell’s moved to Oakland, California. Bill went to schools with children from a variety of ethnic backrounds. He had many friends, both white and black at his new school. He felt much more respected here because everyone was treated the same and he was used to be treated very badly because he grew up in the south. Bill Russell was taking advantage of the opportunities that would make him reach the highest point possible in everything he did because he knew he wouldn’t have these opportunities in the south. He knew that going to college and getting an education would probably not have been a reality but just a dream, but here he knew that this was his time (Russell). Bill was not what is called a “natural” superstar. He did not make his junior high basketball ball team, and just barely made the junior varsity team as a sophomore. Although, he couldn’t make varsity, he worked as hard as he could to make it the next year. He felt very achieved when he made the team is junior year and was a starter his senior year. Even though Bill was not…show more content…
Mark and Mike were older than me and that meant they were bigger, stronger, and better—in basketball, baseball, everything. They pushed me. They drove me. I wanted to beat them more than anything, more than anyone. But I hadn’t met Magic yet. Once I did, he was the one I had to beat. What I had with Magic went beyond brothers” Larry Bird. Larry had a shadow. This shadow was his measuring stick. Ervin “Magic” Johnson, the guy he played against in the championship against Michigan, was like his shadow. Magic played for the Los Angeles Lakers. They weren’t best friends at first, but they were the influence on each other. The reason they pushed for victory. They were both competitive and extremely amazing at basketball. Larry to this day is asked “how is Magic,” even when the two weren’t on the same team (Bird, Johnson and

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