Compare And Contrast Essay On Kobe Bryant

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“Who’s Better?” Most people say that Lebron James is a better player and athlete that they have seen in years. Some more people would say that he is a better all around player than Kobe Bryant. This is where the arguments begin because some people just dislike Kobe so they just say Lebron James is better than him. However, I can prove this through career and statistics as to why I think Kobe Bryant is a better player than Lebron James. Kobe Bryant has been in the league for 17 years of his life now just playing basketball. Kobe Bryant has spent almost half of his life in the NBA. We can all say that Kobe Bryant is literally the Greatest of All Time. He’s been in the league longer than Lebron to know what and what not to do while playing his opponent, he knows how to be a clutch factor for his team and bring in championships. Here’s where people say “But after Kobe lost Shaquille O’Neal he struggled to find another championship win.” This is a true statement but at the same time what is player without there big man? How could you expect to win if you don’t have anyone you trust enough to throw the ball too and expect him to finish under pressure…show more content…
I say this because everyone in the world says Michael Jordan did this, Michael Jordan did that. So when going to compare players they always have to compare them to Jordan because he was the best of his time hands down. Kobe has done remarkable trying to live up to the expectations of Michael Jordan, they both played same position and played against each other a few times. I’ve watched plenty of videos of who is mostly compared to Jordan, and I have seen more videos on Kobe Bryant being compared to Jordan than Lebron James. Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have had many identical plays in their time playing, I mean to the shot for the same place with the same moves and everything they look like exactly a

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