Cmgt 410 Week 2

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2 Project Task List Attn: Management and Stakeholders Mason West, LLC Information Database The database that is in the process of being created and implemented into the Masonic West, LLC offices will require much training, preferably hands on. This training is meant to be for a shift supervisor from each of the branch hubs throughout the U.S. and because of the short timeline of this project; the training will need to be conducted over a two day span at a centralized location. In order to make this happen and for the Managers from each brank to get the most out of the training as they can; this will take a lot of planning and a well-executed agenda that is backed by a long list of resources. Listed below you will see the resources and their responsibilities to this project. * Project Management Team. * Determent an adequate site for the training. * Ensure that there are sufficient resources at this location; a conference room to hold the amount of people that will be there and rooms for the managers to stay in. * Make a list of all needed resources to complete the training such as IT Support, HR, etc. * Prepare a training schedule. * Get the training schedule approved by Headquarters. * The HR Department: * Compile a list of Managers/Supervisors attending the training. * Provide that list to; the Project Management Team and to the IT departments. * Ensure that each supervisor has an expense report, is aware of how to fill it out, as well as claim for their additional travel expenses. * IT Department * Ensure that each one of the Shift Supervisors has the security certs needed for the training. * Review the computers that will be used for training to ensure they will be able to complete it without complications. * Shift Supervisors * Ensure that all travel arrangements are
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