Managing Meetings Essay

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4. What is the role of the chairperson in a meeting? How can they be sure that all issues are addressed and allow for healthy participation, discussion, problem solving and resolution of issues are attended to? The role of the chair person is to ensure that meetings are kept relevant and effective outcomes are reached. They can make sure that all issues are addressed by insuring the meeting flows smoothly and involves all members present and not permitting one or two people to dominate the meeting. 5. What is the role of the minute taker/secretary during a meeting and why is important that they are briefed on the meeting prior to it taking place? The role of the minute taker is to record the contents of the meeting. To write down the discussions and the actions that need to be taken – how, when, why and by whom – prior to the next meeting. It is important that the minute taker is briefed so they are aware of the agenda contents. 6. What steps should you take to ensure that minutes, agendas and other documentation used in a meeting are true and accurate reflection of the meeting and they are formatted correctly? What else should you check prior to sending these documents out? The first step is to use the agenda template to ensure the meeting purpose is met and is effective and stays on topic. The minutes, agenda and other documentation will be accurate and relevant if the chair person works off the agenda. Prior to sending these documents you must make sure the agenda is followed, the minute taker can hear you, all documents used are relevant and up to date, the wording is appropriate and a spell check is

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