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2.3 Describe the procedures to follow in event of a grievance Creating a grievance procedure An employer must draw up a written grievance procedure and provide a copy of it to its employees. Where appropriate, management, employees and their representatives should be involved in drawing up the procedure. Management and supervisors should be aware of the contents of the grievance procedure. Steps of the code of practice The code of practice requires the following steps to be taken: Holding a meeting A meeting should be held with the employee to discuss their grievance. You should arrange for a formal meeting to be held without unreasonable delay after a grievance is received. Employees have a statutory right to be accompanied at the meeting by a trade union representative or colleague. All parties should make reasonable efforts to attend the meeting. Employees should be allowed to explain their grievance and how they think it should be resolved. Consideration should be given to adjourning the meeting for any further investigation that may be necessary. Communicating your decision Following the meeting, you should decide on what action, if any, to take. The decision, and a full explanation of how you reached it, should be communicated to the employee in writing, without unreasonable delay. Where appropriate, the decision should set out what action you intend to take to resolve the grievance. The employee should be informed that they can appeal if they feel that their grievance has not been satisfactorily resolved. Permitting an appeal If the employee feels that their grievance has not been satisfactorily resolved, they should have the opportunity to appeal. An appeal should be made without unreasonable delay, advising you in writing of the grounds on which it is being made. You should hear the appeal without unreasonable delay and at a time and place
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