Why Is the Inital Consultation so Important

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Word count: 2,313 Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time? Within this essay I will both describe and discus the importance of an initial consultation, the information that should be gained from carrying out a consultation as well as what a therapist should consider and any problems that they may face during an initial consultation. The first thing any therapist should consider before even meeting the client for the first time to carry out an initial consultation is their environment and appearance. Just the same as any other situation first impressions at this point are vitally important. First impressions and opinions about a person and their surroundings are drawn upon first meetings and to be able to build a good relationship and rapport with a client it is important that these impressions of the therapist to the client and vice versa are good ones. It is important that the environment that the client is entering for therapy is positive and welcoming while still being professional there are a number of factors as a therapist that you need to consider here. Firstly the layout of the room should be carefully thought of, generally the set up should consist of two slightly off facing upright chairs to carry out consultations and talking therapies as well as an additional reclining chair for hypnotherapy sessions. The decor of the therapy room also plays a major role although there needs to be a warm and calming presence about the room too much decor can distracted from the therapy and will not improve the sessions being carried out. Simplicity is key while still remembering it must feel inviting to the client. Making sure there is no regular unwanted noise or interruptions to contend with is just as important. Every therapist has their own individual style of work but it must be kept in mind
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