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International students in the United States find classroom environment unusual. Firstly, American teachers turn out to be very laid-back people. When international students first come to an American university they notice that professors are dressed in casual clothes. The stuff wears jeans and t-shirts which might already indicate that the relations between lecturers and students must be quite friendly and straightforward. Having taken part in an American lesson, international students’ suspections are confirmed. The teachers behave as mates. Their attitude towards students is based on partnership; as a result, the discussion is an essential point during every class. Students do not have any formal dress code imposed either so they can wear whatever they like. But what is the most shocking is the fact that students can even challenge the professors which is unthinkable anywhere in Asia. If the American students have any doubts they can turn to the teachers with their questions without any hesitation. It appears to be positive because students are enabled to participate fully in the classes and to keep being active. Not only can students interrogate their professors, but also use first names when they talk to them. At the beginning of their stay in America international students do not feel confident enough to act the way Americans do in their classroom environment. Soon after a while they assimilate themselves, become more and more self-assured and get accustomed to the American immediacy. They also start to find a lot of benefits in the American educational

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