Essay On The Effects Of Immigration To America

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Immigrant effect people Some people immigrate to the United States in order to pursue the freedom in politics and in religion that they can’t have in their own country. Some people would like to get higher education, so they can find better jobs. In general, people come to the United States for different purposes, but all of them have a similar dream is to change their lives and to make it better. Therefore, living in America has a big impact on immigrants’ lives. They become individuals, are direct in dealing with others, and respect punctuality. First of all, individualism makes immigrants change a lot when they live in the U.S. They can make their own decisions, have freedom and be self-reliant. For example, my cousin, Katherine, who is only twenty years old, studies in college, and had an independent life since she immigrated to America. She lives separately from her parents and decides everything by herself. She says that a person who is the same her age in Vietnam does not have the permission to live an independent life. In the…show more content…
They become frank, open and direct in dealing with others. In my case, I came to the U.S to reunite with my family last year. The first semester I studied in San Jose City College, I had a lot of difficulties adapting to a new environment of studying. In my country, Vietnamese students are afraid of approaching their teachers about any problems whether their teachers are right or wrong in class. Therefore, I didn’t feel free to ask teachers or discuss things with other people openly in class. However, American teachers encourage their students to speak out their opinions directly. It will create chances for teachers and students to know each other’s opinion and makes the class interesting. Gradually, I am familiar with the direct ways of studying in the U.S. I think directness helps me be more confident to evaluate and give out opinions frankly to

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