Child Abuse Is It Disciple?

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Samanraj Rai Per 7 03/14/13 Child Abuse is it Disciple? A child’s life is controlled by their parents for a big part of their life, at least until they’re 18. I’m 18 and my parents still have a huge influence on my life and in what happens in it. Parents shouldn’t control lives, but help lead them so they can have a bright future. If the child mis-uses the freedom, yes you should control them using the appropriate from of disciple. A parent shouldn’t have to disciple their child after the age of 15-18, it shouldn’t be necessary. If your child isn’t responsible by then, than you’ve done something wrong with your guidance. I agree with bell hooks that children shouldn’t be physically abused, but in some cases you need to spank your child.…show more content…
Hooks says love is the answer to teaching your children the right way. I disagree because love isn’t everything and everybody has a different interpretation of love some might believe keeping the child happy by buying him/her anything they want, or another might think beating their child to the point where they can’t be seen in public is a way of showing love. Hooks never defined love and has a very weak argument only supported by her opinion; she doesn’t even speak of her own experience of how she was disciplined. Kids Health says you have to be patient with kids under the age of ten. The parent has to explain to the child what they have done and why it is wrong before the punishment. If the same mistake is done again repeat the same process until it is understood by the child. I see it as training a dog or any animal you have to be strict with the animal but not to the point where it will bite back. Hooks augment isn’t strong at all, she just throws assertions around. She is all over the place going from a man in prison to a girl not getting an allowance. Hooks is right on one part that kids should not be physically abused, that there are other ways to discipline your child. Even though she doesn’t really give a solution to the problem at least she gets the reader thinking of ways to argue to her article. Discipline your child; don’t abuse them there is a difference in the two. "KidsHealth." Disciplining Your Child. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Mar.
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