Prison Is the Place for Criminals, Not Babies.

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In my topic – “Prison is the place for criminals, not babies”, I will try to convince you, that this statement is right. We have to look at this problem in wide perspective. The hard reality of the matter is that most prisons in Europe and the world in general function inadequately both for women and for men. That does not mean, of course, that we must not always press for changes to occur. Nor does it mean that the special needs of women prisoners should not concern us. On the contrary, it is our duty always to push for improvements, but we must never forget the following simple facts. Firstly, changes are needed in our penal system in general. There should be no discrimination between men and women, in the case of men in prison with young children or other family responsibilities, the measures should be the same as those applied to women, apart from what is necessary by virtue of strictly biological differences, including maternity or special aspects of motherhood. Also female prisoners find it difficult to adjust to living in close proximity to each other. Prisons are not hotels. Neither are they maternity wards or nursery schools. Most prisoners – men and women – are convicted criminals, and many have committed atrocious acts against other human beings, like murder. Hard as it may sound, many convicted women are unfit to be mothers and alternative choices have to be found to deal with the upbringing of their children. As to whether female prisoners should be allowed to have a pregnancy initiated in prison, this is by no means a non-controversial issue. Newborn babies are often taken away from their mothers shortly after birth, which makes it impossible for them to be breast-fed. I am also thinking, about the use of electronic tags that allow people to leave prison and live with their families when the person in prison does not represent any danger to society. So

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