Bullying And The Effects On Children

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Bullying can and has caused long term effects in our children’s lives. Studies show that about 1 out of 5 students are bullied during their school year. A bully can be any age and come in all shapes and sizes. All involve one person (or a group of people) repeatedly trying to hurt you or someone else emotionally, verbally or even physically. Which the effects of bullying can and has effected peoples lives and not in a good way. Because if it wasn’t for being bullied then you wouldn’t have to skip school, move away, become homeschooled, or worse hurt yourself or others. Because that is something you can’t take back. This kind of information could one day save your child’s life. From the time our children are born and throughout there entire lives, all we want to do is protect them. From anything or anyone that would do them harm, even a bully. But how do you do that? Some parents take there child out of school to be homeschooled. Or they pick up everything and move away, just to get away from a bully. Which even though those are good ideas, it teaches our children to run away from there problems. This has a long term effect on our children. Instead we need to teach our children to feel good about themselves and that no matter what they can always go to an adult for help. Such as; a parent, teacher, coach, principle, school consular or any other adult. Better communication between parents and their child can also helps to protect against bullies. A parent should always know what is going on in there child’s life. I also believe that the best way to protect your child from bullies is to instill self-confidence in your child through discipline, praise and positive reinforcement. In addition, a parent should always know who there child’s friends are and be very aware of there child’s behavior. Now anyone can be a victim of bullying. Even a celebrity, someone who has

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