The challenge of learning a new language

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The challenge of learning a new language can be intimidating for anyone. When I was a freshman at a high school , the fear was intense. Whenever I tried to speak in English, my nervousness and fear took over and I could not complete my sentence, often resulting in my loss for right words. Also, my ----- accent had my friends ask me to repeat everything I said. I was afraid that my poor English would cause people to shun me and that I would become a loner in my high school. However, The god of luck, showed up in a good perfect timing in the form of --------- a classmate, and ---- ----knew that I was self-conscious about speaking and making mistakes in grammar and in pronunciation, so he would daily come up and ask me questions about my culture and my family to get me to talk. He seemed to show genuine interest in the things I had to say and always had more things to ask me, including my genealogy. One day, I came to school prepared with lots of information about my ancestors. As I was talking, -------suddenly pointed out that I was coherently connecting my thoughts in full sentences. All of a sudden, a flood of emotions came over me. I was surprised and happy that finally, I was showing signs of improvement. I knew that day that he was really not interested in my genealogy, but that he really wanted to help me with my English, and more importantly, with my confidence, which he did. ------was assistant principal who said, “Don’t think you will be given easy grades because you are International student. Teachers will grade you just like everyone else in the class.” Those words sounded harsh and uncaring. Then, he told me “I am willing to help you with your assignments, if you make time after school.” For one second he was this heartless person, but with that last sentence

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