Self -Disclosure, Gender And Communication

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In reading the article “Can We Talk”, self-disclosure in a relationship means a lot to both men and women when communicating and interacting with each other. I’ve been married twice- not to the same person twice and being self-disclosed to them was a nightmare. Things that I would share with them would get told to their friends, my family or strangers in general. I cannot say I had a good experience being self-disclosed. The article talks about the gender role between men and women role during intimacy and how affectionate they can become. Some men loves attention and so does women too. On the other hand, although they both love this attention, they need to give each other breathing space so that they can bond deeper with each other to not finding flaws of a relationship. Being an attentive person and to someone needs at all time will be required, if it persist. But, what will happen when one day that attention cannot be given because one decide to do something differently, then the other person will feel like they are not being loved or wanted anymore. Therefore, in a relationship, each must communicate to the other to let him or she knows what is going on for sudden changes. In my second marriage, I asked my husband to let us get to know each other. This we did by writing down the things he would like or do not like to see happened in our marriage and what can we do to avoid conflicts. We started out great, but ended up lap sided because ever since I started school, he got all jealous and accusing me of cheating when I am doing my school work. The reason for the accusation was not spending enough time like we used to. I explain this to him before we got married that I will be focusing on my degree, therefore our time spent together will be limited. He said he understood and it was fine, yet he made my life very stressful in the process. As a

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