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Sharlene Filpo Eng-150 I Want a Wife (1971) In the essay “I want a Wife “by Judy Brady in the 1970’s, she writes a striking satire about women who played the role of “house wife’s” and all the helpful task they did for their husbands and children , without they noticing that this “wife task” could be actually done by their own husbands. While she irons some clothes, it occurred to her that she also wanted a wife because of all the desired wife tasks men expected from them. She goes on giving a list of all this task, starting from having the wife work to send her back to school, to serving her in all aspects like cleaning , cooking , nanning and sexually needs. I was very angry when reading this essay because even thought she was being sarcastic about it, this is what men and even women expected of a house wife’s during those times. The parts that bother me the most was about the wife giving sexual need to their spouses. Men think is an obligation of their wife’s to satisfied them whenever they want and that only them can feel pleasure, “I want a wife who is sensitive to my sexual needs, a wife that makes sure I am satisfied”. Making women feel like an object. Brady obviously wants to prove a point that women are undervalue, and that men feel women are replaceable. and this is shown on the essay when she writes this ”If, by chance , I find another person more suitable as a wife than the wife I already have, I want the liberty to replace my present wife with another one” Really, is sad but is the truth, men do think women’s are objects they can’t take and leave when they want and demand things and expect to received without giving. As I read the essay it was stupid to see that they didn’t realize that all the wife’s duties could also be done by men, like cleaning, working, taking care of the kids, and of course pleasing their wife’s when she

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