Why people cheat in relationships.

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Most people would list being faithful as one of their top needs in a relationship. People cheat either because of an external desire which they do not get internally or because he/she does not know what they want and cannot seem to choose. What is cheating? Would staring at a girl’s rear be cheating? Everyone has their own definition. Intimacy is a major requirement in a relationship and the male’s sex drive is higher than a female’s most of the time. If the woman does not ‘put out’ as much as the man might want, he will find some other female to give him what he wants. On the other side, females want to feel loved and hear that they are beautiful and get gifts and little surprises that keep them on their feet. Most guys feel that is not the ‘macho’ thing to do, so the girl is going to stray and find someone who can fulfill their fantasies. Everyone has their perception of ‘THE ONE’, but face it most, if not all of us, will never find him/her. What some people will try to do is find multiple partners and think each has a quality that they need and together they all become the perfect one. For example, a guy might want a smart model, but he has two girlfriends where one is a model but not smart and the other is smart but is just a plain Jane. Most people get into a relationship based off of passion or attraction, including the rewards, but when time and stress wears the excitement down, excitement is sought elsewhere. Often the cheater was never truly in love, or never intended to make love work in the first place, and pretty much had the expectation of being pleased. I have been cheated on and I did my fair share of cheating too. The feeling I felt cannot be explained. I cheated because I did not feel appreciated and I was being recognized elsewhere. To this day I have not regretted it one bit because he was cheating too! Communication is probably one of the most
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