Sex Lies and Conversation

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English 111-10 04/01/2012 Draft #1 Sex, Lies and Conversation Communication: The act of conveying information. According to statistics lack of communication or poor communication is the leading cause of divorce in first marriages with over fifty percent and over sixty percent with second marriages. Why are there so many marriages failing due to the lack of communication? Is it really that hard for husband to share information with his wife and vice versa? In Deborah Tannen's article Sex, Lies, and Conversation it is discussed the differences between the way men and woman communicate; moreover, it brings to light these differences and by doing so hoping to improve the quality of conversation between a man and a woman. By knowing these differences we can see the opposite gender's point of view to better our communication. Three points that are made in Tannen's article that can be used to improve the quality of conversation is the difference in how groups are formed with men and women, the differences in physical/topical alignment and how our bodies speak when conversing with someone of the same sex. Women maintain friendships by conversing; talking about feelings, supporting each other if something goes wrong. This creates a very intimate relationship between women, making their groups very tightly knit. When a woman marries a man it's expected that he will be a better version of her best friend. Not a replacement but as someone who is always there to share thoughts, feelings and impressions with. Men's groups tend to be larger and always theres some sort of pecking order. Bonds are formed not through so much as talking but by doing activities together. Since talking is not the main staple of a relationship between boys it's already apparent that there are going to be problems between the two sexes when they try to maintain a
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