Can Organisations Be Socially Responsible Towards All Its Stakeholders At The Same Time?

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From my point of view, organisations can be socially responsible towards all its stakeholders at the same time. Being socially responsible improves the image of the organisation and increases the loyalty of employees and its costumers. I think that managers should not focus just on the economic interests of the company. Of course the economic interest is important for the survival of the company but there are also moral principles that have to be followed in order to respect the people that work for the organisation and their costumers. The social responsibility affects all its surrounding environments. These environments include: investors, customers, employees, suppliers, the community, and the society. All these individuals are linked and the benefits received by an individual will be reflected on another individual. Costumers expect that the organisation provides them with goods and services and if the quality, the durability, and the safety are good the consumer will be loyal with the organisation. Employees are the workforce of a company and they expect the organisation to provide them with security, safe working conditions, rewarding work, and fairness. If the employees are happy with their job they will work harder in the organisation. Also suppliers are part of the environment of an organisation and they expect to be paid in full by the agreed date. When the organisation doesn’t pay the suppliers by the agreed date, the suppliers will probably prefer to work with other organisations in the future. Managers should pay attention also to the communities where the customers and workers live; this is important for the reputation of the company. However, with multinational companies the link between manufacturers and the local community is not so distinct. Another factor that affects the responsibility of the organisation is the natural environment that

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