Compare And Contrast Peel Ports And John Lewis

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Business management level 3 Extended diploma Business environment Unit 1 Lewis Edward Ashe 40051440 21st September 2014 unit deadline Assignment 1 Task 1 (p1) IN THIS TASK I WILL DESCRIBE THE TYPE OF BUSINESS, PURPOSE AND OWNERSHIP OF TWO CONTRASTING BUSINESSES. The two companies I have chosen are Peel Ports and John Lewis. PEEL PORTS KEY PERSONNEL;- * Mark Whitworth- CEO since 2010 * Gary Hodgson * Koert Luitwieler * Graeme Charnok * Patrick Walters * Gary Patrickson * Areas of operation Peel ports is a global company which specialises in transport of a range of commodities for example;- * Automotive * Containers * Cruses * Dry bulked goods * Energy products…show more content…
He had been born in Shepton Mallet in Somerset in 1836, and been apprenticed at 14 to a linen draper in Wells. He came to London in 1856 and worked as a salesman for Peter Robinson, an Oxford Street draper, rising to be his silk buyer. In 1864 he turned down Robinson’s offer of a partnership and rented his own premises on the north side of Oxford Street, on part of the site now occupied by the department store which bears his name. There he sold silk and woolen cloth and haberdashery. His retailing philosophy was to buy good quality merchandise and sell it at a modest “mark up”. Although he carried a wide range of merchandise he didn’t bother much about displaying it and never advertised. His skill lay in sourcing the goods he sold, and most mornings he would go to the City, accompanied by a man with a hand barrow. Later he would make trips to Paris to buy…show more content…
| Customers | Customers can stop buying products displaying the john Lewis logo, word of mouth means that john Lewis can be seriously damaged by customer shifts. They have a huge influence on the aims and objectives of john Lewis. However john Lewis may feel that it has sufficiently strong, brand loyalty to ignore customer input. | Employees | Employee can make john Lewis alter their aims and objectives to include staff needs and wants, john Lewis altered their company objectives to include the working conditions of its staff, however a set time when unemployment is high, employers are in a position of greater power as employment is harder to find. | Trade union | Unions mainly focus on the treatment and pay of the employees. John Lewis has employees who are members of the unions. Therefore the unions may be able to influence the company. | Suppliers | Suppliers are very important to john Lewis aims of quality and innovation. Therefore the company needs to have secure and reliable suppliers in place. If john Lewis doesn’t treat its suppliers well, they may let the company down, damaging its name.

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