Goal Setting in Emergency Management

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Goal Setting and Emergency Management Patricia Ann Hansen Grand Canyon University Emergency Management Operations and Techniques EMM 335 Dr. Lawrence Fulton January 18, 2009 Abstract My submission of the EMM 335 Module 2 Assignment has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances in the delivery of my textbook. Hopefully my execution of the variables of the assignment have been adequately met within this rendering. The Module 2 Assignment on goal setting is based on the text chapter three. The following information seeks to define productivity and its relationship to goal setting and planning in an organizational context. The steps used in goal setting are outlined from the text and sorted in their order of importance. Their relation to successful emergency management is described in context as part the definition of productivity in a working program. Goal Setting and Emergency Management Sagging productivity is a major problem in the United States as well as in many other countries. From the attention given to the problem in the news media, declining growth in productivity is clearly of great concern to managers, economists, and political leaders, as well as to many citizens. Certainly, this attention is warranted; sagging productivity adds to inflation, which, in turn, degrades quality of life. However, the question here is a definition for the term productivity. With all the news about productivity, both on the home front and abroad, it becomes vital to find a definition. Thus, it affects us all; especially in emergency management. (Koontz, 1971) The preceding facts are fine; however, they are things that most business people already know all too well. When I am asked to define the word productivity, I immediately envision assembly lines, warehouses stocked with goods, even space-age machinery performing tasks at faster-than-human speed.

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