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Case Study Analysis: Mattel 1. What is the organizational history and growth of the case company? Mattel has gone from a small scale business to an industry leader in toy development and sales. The company has found success in multiple countries and developed new ways of producing toys by increasing the use of research and development. The company has seen great year-over-year growth and plans to stay the industry leader for several toy categories in the future. The corporate structure of the company is strong. 2. What are the organizational strengths and weaknesses? The company has seen an increase in weaknesses over the course of the recall mentioned in this specific scenario. The fact that millions of dollars is being spent in order to ensure that the recall is handled correctly is a great indication that the company wants to do what is right, but it is a financial strain that the company simply cannot handle, as well as a great way to damage the brand name. The company has the strength of their corporate structure and a pretty clean history to help grow positive brand awareness. Mattel has the opportunity to correct the situation found in the scenario if they apologize to the public and issue a statement about their plans to alleviate all concerns. Finally, the threats to the company include decreased growth, loss of leadership position, and the potential for new recalls to emerge. 3. What external competitive environment does the organization exist in? The external competitive environment that the organization exists in includes toys. The company is focused on staying an industry leader in the toy industry, but must keep focus on their global strategy in order to continue this plan. 4. How well is the case company able to meet the external environment it finds itself in? The company can easily meet the external environment it finds itself in if it

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