Human Service Clients Research Paper

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The Client There are numerous and different issues facing Human service clients in our society today. Some of the issues in our society inc lude unemployment, homelessness, decreased funds for services, and mental illness. These issues in our societyd easily suffer from substance abuse and mental illness due to their circumstances. Unemployment is a major issue clients may face in our society today, the reasons why this issue has occurred in our society is due to companies and factories downsizing, cl Credit. Substance is another issue in our society today. This can be from pain medication, heroin and Marijuana. These clients can receive services from many providers such as health care, mental health, substance abuse providers,…show more content…
When he does get help through human services it is only for a limited time because of low funding. The client will need assistance with basic needs such as food, water and shelter as stated in “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” (Woodside, 2011). Homeless is an issue as well in our society today due to the fact of unemployment, addiction abuse or just they do not care to have a job or a house or just the plain fact a life. As a helper in the field of Human Services, the professionals will need to have specific helping skills is a important and a major part in Human Services field. Helping skills are Communication, listening skills, problem solving skills, having attending behavior, and skills for challenging clients. There are two parts of communal communication. Supportive elements will be a major part of helping a client this would be a skill for a helper to have to ensure the goals for the client to achieve their goals to meeper will have numerous meetings with the client toelper will set up a environment comfortable, peaceful and confidential as possible since the helping process can be intimidating which it could hurt thelper in the Human
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