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Understanding the factors that influence motivation levels in the workplace Define the term motivation Motivation is a tactic which is deployed by a company to help the employee realise their full potential whilst meeting the business needs of the organisation. It also a manager’s responsibility to create an environment to which enticements are given towards the employees which in turn makes them work productively and together well as a team. It is important that this is done whilst staying within the organisations procedures and completing the tasks to the level which the manager desires. Also I believe motivation to be something personal, where an employee takes self-satisfaction from the tasks to which they are instructed to complete. There are a lot of factors that can influence an employee’s motivation which make it such a crucial part of successful management. Describe the factors that may affect motivation levels in the workplace Motivation levels can be affected by many factors within the workplace. The most basic of these factors are the pay, job security, environment and fringe benefits such as medical cover and life insurance. Most of the above are seen as the normal of a job (pay and job security) or extras (medical cover and life insurance). It is important thou that an employee has enough money to able to live as they will soon lose focus of their companies aim and become more content with finding another job or asking for pay rises. If this does not happen then the staff member may become negative towards the job and have the attitude of “why should I do this as It’s above my pay grade” which can affect other employees if they have to cover the work/ mistakes that employees make or by spreading the negative attitude. Also it is important for workers to be able to see their own personal growth and development within their role, this can then push

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