Camaro vs Mustang

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Thinking before buying When it comes to buying a sports vehicle its best to know what the buyer is getting, before the buyer purchases the vehicle. Coming from experience in owning a 2010 Camaro SS RS, do research before buying like I did when deciding on purchasing a Camaro or Mustang. Ill be giving advice that I looked for when I was choose and deciding on my purchase of the Camaro. These are some things to look for before purchasing; cost, quality, and location where the vehicle is built. In looking into the cost of a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS RS, it’s not just the cost want to look at but also the quality and location of were this car is made. The cost of this car with the SS and RS package will run you to $39,000 dollars. But the quality that the car comes with will help realize why. In looking at the motor of this vehicle the car comes with a 6.2L V8 putting out 426 horsepower easy. But that’s not all; the RS meaning for the Chevy Camaro is (Rally Sport) giving this car a whole new look. RS gives the body of a Camaro a whole new look adding side skirts, tire flaps, Oracle head lights, and the neon blue lighting kit on the inside. That’s not all, SS comes with the meaning (Super Sport) this means bigger motor, Brembo brakes, and a suspension that can handle the 426hp that the car puts out. The production of this car started in Oshawa Canada. The reason why Chevy had the Camaro built in Oshawa Canada was to help supply jobs for the people of Oshawa. When comparing the 2010 Camaro SS RS to the 2011 Mustang 5.0 Gt the sticker price is very comparable. In looking at the Mustang the base price is decided on what catches the eye of the customer, as in coming in different packages like the Camaro. Paying less for fewer accessories, but every car has those now days. But what the Mustang does have to offer is a 5-liter, 32valve,double-overhead-cam V-8 engine pushing
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