M3 Unit 29 Btec Business

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Luxury item: Ferrari which costs £100,000 The expectations of buying a Ferrari would be that you get good customer service. Also you would want an excellent experience with may include comfy sofas and music this is because you’re paying a lot of money so you expect good service. Also you might expect food and magazines why you are waiting also a nice drink for example a coffee or tea because you have to make sure the car is right before you spend £100,000 on it. You might expect a well presented sales man so it will encourage you to buy the car as the sales man is getting you to buy it. Also buying an expensive car you will expect NO hard sell so they won’t be forcing you to buy the car they will just explain to your why you should buy it. Also you will be able to give the car a road test to make sure it suits you and you think it’s a nice car to drive. When you are thinking about buying this car you will make sure you know everything that is wrong with it and everything it includes or doesn’t include. One thing you would talk about is the gadgets and how fast the car can go. Also the MPG and how much the insurance will be on it, how much the tax are going to be and how much it will cost to run. Another thing you might discuss would be how much warranty you will get on the car if anything goes wrong with it. You would expect to have free servicing because you would be paying so much money for the car you are paying to have it services for free. When it goes in for a service you would expect them to valet the car and wash it because you have spent so much money on buying it. Ferrari Financial Services is Ferrari’s own financial services provider, offering a flexible range of Ferrari-branded, premium financial services tailored to meet the needs of the client and of the official worldwide dealership’s network. Ferrari Financial Services is the company’s own financial

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