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Should imports of foreign cars or other foreign products be limited or restricted by law? American cars are a domestic product and have free range; however foreign cars shouldn’t be restricted by law. I would say that foreign cars or other products shouldn’t be restricted by law since almost everyone wants to have the same technology as other foreign countries such as Japan. Foreign cars are often found in Europe, China and Australia. Imported cars are vehicles made by a foreign automaker overseas and imported to the US for sale. Imports pollute less and use less fuel, making them less expensive to operate. Import cars are also smaller and therefore easier to handle and park. Muscle cars are larger than traditional sports cars, often based on mid-size or full-size models. Muscle cars go back to the late 1940s when American automakers first recognized the market for performance-oriented versions of existing models. Pontiac GTO, Ford Grain Torino, and Dodge Challenger are the most well known classic muscle cars. Cars have been a main mode of transportation for some time and America is no longer the main source of car manufacturing. There are dozens of car manufacturers out there. For example there’s ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, Ferrari, and volkswagon. During the evolution of the car manufacturers have stepped up and tried to outdo one another. People always have their own opinions and they all are normally different. American cars are known for having slightly heavier engineers and use different technologies. Asian cars have had a long history of making fuel efficient cars. Another conclusion to this comparison is when a new gas saving technology comes to America the patents are bought up by big oil companies which has been proven to be true in some cases. Generally American cars are known for their glory days in the muscle car era so the general

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