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Ford vs. Chevy When it comes to makes and models of cars, most people compare Ford’s and Chevy’s. Some say Ford is better and some may say that Chevy is the best. There are many similarities and differences in the attributes of Fords and Chevys, all of which should be considered when thinking of purchasing one. If you compare the two together they seem to have a lot of the same characteristics. Let’s review a few examples of models of the two makes. First, there are the sedans. Chevy makes the Spark in sedan and hatchback model ("New cheverolet cars," 2012), and Ford makes the Fiesta in sedan and hatchback model as well ("New ford cars," 2012). Chevy Spark comes in three different trim packages the LS, 1LT, 2LT ("New cheverolet cars," 2012) and the Ford Fiesta comes in three different trim packages as well that include the S, SE, Titanium ("New ford cars,"2012). The difference in the two models comes in engine form. The Chevy Spark has the 1.4L engine in it and the Ford Fiesta has the 1.6L engine ("New ford cars," 2012). This concludes that Ford is using the bigger engine in their sedan("New cheverolet cars," 2012) ("New ford cars," 2012). Chevy makes a few more sedans like the Cruze, Malibu, Volt, Impala, and out this year the brand new Sonic that has the turbo engine ("New cheverolet cars," 2012). Ford has a few more models as well with the Fusion, Taurus and the Focus ("New ford cars," 2012). These makes are similar to each other with the way that they look. The difference comes to the different engines that the two different makers build their cars with. The next example of the models would be the SUV’s. In this category, Chevy has the most models with the Tahoe, Equinox, Suburban, Traverse("New Chevrolet Sedans," 2012). Ford on the other hand only makes three different models in the Escape, Explorer, and

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