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Task 1 Assignment Section 1 SHC 21 1.1 Identify a minimum of three different reasons of why people communicate. Effective communication is vital in any kind of working environment especially when working in a children and young people’s setting. It involves listening, questioning, understanding and responding. There are many different reasons of why people communicate, among them: to express needs and feelings, to maintain relationships and to exchange information. Children and young people should feel comfortable to express themselves freely and to know that adults are responding positively to these expressions. Teachers and supporting staff have to know the child and her family to be able to build a trusting relationship and to break communication barriers, if there is any. It is vital to be able to exchange information that will enable people involved to understand issues that might arise in a working environment. 1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of your work Give at least one example with staff,parents,children and other professionals. One has to have effective communication skills in order to be able to gain the trust and respect in working environment. It is very important to establish a good rapport with children, their parents and work colleagues. These communication skills are vital when working with children and young people: - being patient - listen carefully - remembering names, personal preferences etc - using body language effectively, use open posture - actively listening - maintaining a good eye contact all the time - sensitively using certain keywords - showing warmth, understanding, sincerity, positive values of others etc Let’s see an example. In a classroom we have a child who was born abroad and their parents don’t speak good English and have different cultural

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