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P5 What is positioning? Positioning is very important that the business develop a specific marketing mix so that they can influence the potentials of the customers. This is something that will help the business to design they own brands in their own imagination so that it will meet the customer’s needs. It is very important that the business understand the customers point a view about their products so that they can improve on the products. For example this is including things like such as if the customers is going to choose to buy their clothes from a business like Debenhams as they might be trying to show that they are very happy on the product that they are selling. Design of the marketing mix to satisfy the needs of the target market: The business will design their marketing mix around of the customers’ demands. This is important that the business design something that will meet the customers demand because they will have more sales and also more profits, if the business doesn’t do this they will lose sales and also a lots of profits, so this is very important that they do this if they don’t it will bring their businesses down. The business will make sure that they are investigation to find out what will be the best products…show more content…
The research that I was doing it was about what kind of phone and features the teenager likes. The research that I was doing it has been very successful and it given me specific ideas on what I need to do in future. I went on the computer and I looked at on the comment that some teenager were discussing about their point of view. They were saying if the businesses want to make new products teenagers, the products must be an appropriate for their age and also meet the needs. This means that the business needs to meet teenager’s needs by founding out what they like and don’t like so that they will meet the

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