Calvin Klein Rhetorical Analysis Ads

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How Calvin Klein Persuades Consumers There are thousands of new consumer items, from clothing to electronics that come out each season. In order for companies to sell their merchandise, they must find a way to get public recognition. One way they achieve this is by making some sort of claim while also drawing in the audience by appealing to their emotions and values through advertisements. The ad I chose to analyze is by Calvin Klein, promoting the new “Performance” line of clothing. The implicit claim of this image, which I found in Women’s Health magazine, is that you will feel comfortable, sexy, and uninhibited when you work out in Calvin Klein’s Performance wear. To legitimize the claim, the company uses detail to texture and color to…show more content…
The word “new” evokes excitement and the desire to update to look fresh from the reader. It also plays into today’s societal values of buying the latest products and keeping up with new styles. Furthermore, the Calvin Klein company was careful with its word choice in this ad. Instead of saying “introducing a new line of clothing” or “fashion”, it says “movement” to allure to the targeted audience of people who would buy exercise clothing. Even the name of the clothing line, Performance, calls to mind the values of execution and…show more content…
It utilizes many eye-grabbing techniques, such as the mirror image and black and white coloring, which is infrequently seen in other advertisements in magazines. It is also clear that the creators of this ad knew the audience well by featuring a young woman in great shape, appealing to their value of physical activity. The careful selection of words and detail to the clothing itself also contributed to the persuasive impact of this image. With the use of all of its implicit arguments, it definitely effectively conveyed its message that the consumers of this clothing line will enjoy their physical activity without

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