Goodwill Industries Case Study

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Goodwill Industries Case Study Tina M Ranum University of Maryland University College/MRKT 310 February 1, 2015 1. Goodwill customer types. Describe the three customer types mentioned in the video. What is each customer type looking for when they shop at Goodwill? What is most important to each customer type? The three customer types that were mentioned in the video (Cole Creative Group, 2013) are (1) the fashion shoppers, (2) resellers, and (3) bargain hunters. The fashion shoppers are searching for trendy items so they can put together their own creations and fashions. Being trendy and creating their own fashion statement is important to them. By shopping at Goodwill, they can achieve this at a cheaper price. The bargain hunters are looking for a good deal regardless of their income. Being able to find good quality, inexpensive items is important to bargain shoppers. They also want to feel like they got a great item at an awesome low price. Finally, the resellers are looking for good quality, low priced merchandise that they can sell again for a profit. It is important for resellers to find great merchandise at the lowest price so they can turn around and sell the items to others for more than they paid for it. 2. Value offered. What is Goodwill's value proposition and is it the same for all customer groups. Goodwill’s value proposition is “used merchandise at deeply discounted prices” (Cole Creative Group, 2013). I feel that all three of the customer groups would be looking for this type of value. Whether it be the bargain hunters, resellers, or the fashion shoppers, they all want good quality, used merchandise at a low price. 3. Factors affecting Goodwill consumer behavior. How do the four sets of factors affecting consumer behavior affect the buying behavior of Goodwill’s customers? Which of the four sets of factors affecting consumer

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