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Discussion Questions: Chapter 1 What are examples of brands and companies you like? Why do you think you like them? What is a brand you dislike? Why? Brand that’s I like is hue, I really like the quality and the variety of hue clothing. Hue only sells the items at quality establishment like Macy’s and Bloomingdales. I like Hue because the make clothing for the average sized women. The prices are higher but the clothing quality last a lot longer than similar leggings brands. Brands that I do like is rainbow, although their clothing is trendy the quality is often horrible and usually only good for one night. Think about a recent time when you bought or tried to buy something but were treated poorly as a customer. What happened? What was the problem? If you ran the brand's company, what would you do to ensure happier and loyal customers?…show more content…
List three things you tend to buy on sale. How are the product categoreis on these two lists different for you? Three brands that I am loyal to include Hue, Charmin paper products, and the Simple brands. The three brands listed above would be items that I do trend for purchase in bulk when they are on sale because of the quality of their products. Although my items are the same there is a difference in these categories Consumer loyalty is the fact that the consumer chooses to purchase items like tissue from your brand whereas things that a person who buys something on sale maybe something that others the consumer may not be able to afford if the item is not on sale. What do you consider to be the world's biggest social problem? Wars? Global warming? Resource imbalance? How could marketing help to solve such a large social problem? In my opinion resource imbalance is the contributions to social, wars, and global warming. I personally don’t believe that marketing can really help such intense issues; I think it will take a global willingness of humanity. Dicussion Quesions: Chapter

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