Business Level 3 Unit 34, M1

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For this task I have been asked choose a business to analysis how the business has been designed covering the points I have been discussed in P1, P2, P3. The business I have chosen is Amazon. Amazon objective are to become a better place for customers to buy and sell products to the highest standards while they still making money, they also discover new products the releases that customers would be interested to purchase, but they aim to keep their customer pleasure by offering discount and giving vouchers by storing their products in large warehouses. Amazon is a biggest worldwide business which provides products to their customers; by providing latest products to their customers they could make great money. Selling latest item on their site would get more customer, by getting more customers this will help Amazon business to gain better shopping place for customers. However Amazon get loads of customer’s everyday purchasing item from their website, this is because their products are very low cost which customers be happy to buy from them. They also give offers to customers who buys their items regular from their website, by giving offers like vouchers or free delivery on next order this would keep the buyers happy so they could shop more often on their site Amazons website is very masculine this is because the website has been using black and white colours with the normal fonts, but few days ago it was Halloween therefore they have made it look very attractive for the customers to shop on their website for Halloween styles clothing for kids and family as they have loads of Halloween products in stock they have putted all the items on low cost so they could get more customers shopping on their site. Because of Halloween they have designed the website homepage with all the top popular item that customers would be interested most they have done this so the

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