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JBT Task 1 A1. Gaining market share is widely based on a company’s strategy and approach. When a company expands to the internet, it is important for them to have a purpose. For Pharmacy ABC (name changed to protect my customer), located in Columbus, Ohio, going online would be beneficial for several reasons. Advertising would help them focus not only on their current customers, but more so for the younger generations that have adapted to search and learn through technology. As their current customers get older and expire, these younger generations will become their customer base. By having a website, they will also be able to provide more education to their patients. The site may also provide answers and act as yet another form of customer service. Pharmacy ABC will be able to provide convenience for their patients by adding online refill availability which will save both time and money. While expanding total market size, they must continuously and actively defend its current business (Kotler and Keller, 2010). A2. When comparing competitor’s websites (CVS and Walgreens), both companies offer similar information to what Pharmacy ABC website should have, including: * Online Prescription Refill * Both competitors offer similar options * Product Promotion/Sales * Both Walgreens and CVS offer a weekly sales and promotions ticker * Medicare D Reporting * Walgreens does this well by allowing the customer to enter medications and see available plans that cover those particular drugs. CVS provides deadline updates and information in regards to the program * Customer Service * Walgreens has a full section dedicated to Customer Service, whereas CVS has a phone number listed * Online Shopping Cart Feature * While this feature is available on both competitor’s sites, CVS provides a total dollar amount of what

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