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Peace, Love and Tie-Dye Nicole Patton Harrisburg Area Community College What do you think of when you hear tie-dye? Are hippies the first thing to come to mind? I personally have worn my own hand-crafted tie-dye shirts on several occasions. As a preteen I went through my hippie stage; I was so fascinated by the culture that even for Halloween I dressed up in a colorful hippie tie-dye t-shirt. Creating my colorful t-shirt was easy to make, but there were detailed steps that was followed to get the result I wanted. Tie-dye shirts have influenced contemporary society by supplying inexpensive, custom-made and durable trendy garments to its users. A step-by-step guide on how to create a hand-crafted tie-dye shirt…show more content…
The purpose of a tie-dye shirt is to have a personalized piece of art work that is unique and wearable. This colorful garment became especially popular in the 1960s and represented the hippie culture. The original dye used was made from plant juices, flowers, bark and leaves. Over time it developed into a more chemically based dye. These t-shirts are commonly worn throughout contemporary society, whether at music festivals, sporting events or in everyday wardrobe. Tie-dye shirts are inexpensive to produce, custom-made and durable if made correctly. Materials needed to make a tie-dye shirt are available at any arts and crafts store for low prices. Many tie-dye kits already have most of the materials included, except for the cotton t-shirt variety. Since this garment is cheaply produced, artistic people choose to make one to express their individuality in a way without hurting their budget. This custom-made product is great for individuals who want to show their personal taste or a group who wants to use select dye colors for a purpose, such as school colors. There are a wide selection of colors because dyes mix and develop into different shades. This customization is important to the creator because it gives more of a personalization majority people prefer to
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