Unit 3 P3 Level 2

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1. Local area – Wandsworth 2. 4 Business Organisations in the area * Primark * Sainsbury’s * Starbucks * Roehampton club 3. Organization * Primark Sector - Tertiary trade Ownership – Public limited Company Business activity – Primark is a fashionable shop and its sells clothes for man and woman Competitors – new look, H&M Success * Importance of having a strong vision and seeing it through – they sells verity of cloths and accessories. They want to be a best fashion shop in the world, and for this they need to be come with new ideas. * Meeting customer needs – Primark sells all products that customer wants in fashionable and they sells all age people cloths. * Identifying new needs - Primark also bring new ideas on sales and their offers in cloths. Also they are just focusing on customer and not just brand Strength – being popular and most people like to buy from there and its cheep, also selling good quality products. Qualitative and high fashion items for a low price. Weakness – it’s a small business unit, need to do future competition similar company. * Starbucks Sector – secondary Owner ship- Public Limited Company Business activity – it sells the hot and cold drink and breakfast Competitors – this is a local shop in London. But competitors of this are Costa because it sells the same products as starbucks. Success – * Finding innovative solutions - They sell the healthy breakfasts and also have different type of coffees and any more drinks * Meeting customer needs – they have loyalty card that customer can use it * Identifying new needs - They look for what customers want in their website. It’s what customers think about their products and improvements. * Continue to meet customer needs - They create new products, new

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