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1. With PortionPac being family owned company, compared to larger companies they might not be able to have social responsibility. Larger companies can provide items to the community when needed and be able to lose that money where as PortionPac might not be able to help the community. However, following the model PortionPac is already helping the community with the products they sale and even though they might not be able to give out millions of dollars the community will look to see what they are able to help with. Even though PortionPac lacks in the ability to contribute in large amounts I think that they are still able to follow the Socioeconomic Model. 2. A social audit of PortionPac would be as follows: Getting information on how the product is helping the environment, employees, and the community, Some questions to be asked could be: Can you provide reports on the how the product compares to other products in the environment? How is the company supporting the community and how does the community profit from your product? How safe is this product for the people using the product? 3. Yes, I agree with Marvin Klein’s assessment of business ethics being a matter of common sense. In the text it states that business ethics is the application of moral standards to business situations. I think that using common sense you can choose what product is good and which is bad and if you should go one route or if you should go a different route. In business you have to use your head but when it comes to for example his product then you are choosing a product with harsh chemicals or a product with less harsh chemicals, better for the environment, and good for the people using it then it should be common sense however many companies because of cost will go with harsh product because it is cheaper but they aren’t using common sense. I agree that in many

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