Ann Taylor Business Strategy

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Ann Taylor’s main challenge is to remain relevant in a market where fads and new options are constantly threatening to steal market share away from them. High-end and low-end brands such as Gucci and TJ Maxx respectively are offering specialized goods to cost aware consumers. To position themselves effectively, Ann Taylor must remain true to their original image as an upscale retailer of professional lades while still offering clothing at a price that consumers are willing to pay. One possible alternative for Ann Taylor is to continue what they are doing as an integration approach leader. Since consumers could buy cheaper alternatives at bargain outlets, the integration strategy allows Ann Taylor to loosely compete in price while keeping a strong focus on high quality products. They can continue to invest in developing their Loft and Factory Brands in outlet settings to appeal to as broad a base as possible. This is a great alternative to their problem because they can offer their various brands to as many people as possible while still competing on price because they can offer quality clothing at a lower cost. One downside to this approach is the threat of more affordable substitutes. Another possible alternative for Ann Taylor would be to adopt more of a focused strategy approach. They already excel at offering numerous fashion solutions for nearly ever lifestyle. With this approach, I suggest that they eliminate their low cost brands, raise prices and offer a more unique, luxurious shopping experience. Ann Taylor had, at one point, positioned itself as an upscale leader in the woman’s fashion industry. By offering a premium price, they may be able to improve the quality of their stores, and fashion development to ensure that they more accurately predict fashion trends. While this may alienate some price sensitive consumers, it will attract affluent

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