Canadian Government Challenges

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Given that this is a difficult situation, if you were the marketing professional for one of the non-profit organizations mentioned in the article, how could you re-position your npo in a more positive light?" There were many problems that the Canadian government was facing a difficult time. The Canadian International Development Agency in Afghanistan has listed those issues to identify effective solutions and help the people. The problems were clarified as follow: 1- Poor quality of construction of schools (concrete walls became cracked , and the building may fall apart at any period of time) 2- Teachers were providing a poor quality of education for students 3- The school was located in a dangerous area in Afghanistan CIDA…show more content…
Canadians should be informed of the problems before the donation period gets started. For example, launching advertising campaigns and use the media services in order to gain more awareness and sympathy for those who struggle. Using TV, radio, and flyers should help provide the public with the full information needed. The public should be fully aware of what the steps and the plans are , and how the monetary funding will completely help Afghanistan improve their overall education system. Importing books, school supplies, school furniture, cloths, and other tangible contributions can be very cost-effective and helpful. Part…show more content…
Here are many products that charge less than the price they deserve. Price is not just a number on a tag hanging on a product, but pricing is an important marketing strategy in all manners. In order to properly price your product, the entire business and marketing strategies are required. Your customer can afford your products. 3) Place: where is the product available to customers? Product placement planning is a must to think of the many paths to everywhere you can sell a product. Knowing your product as to where it sells better is the key. For instance, a company must know if a product has more sales when its placement near to cashier location, retail store or department store. 4) Promotion: Product awareness in other words. This is how you can make more sales by encouraging your customers to buy more from you. It will all depend on how the company will communicate their product. 5) People : People are the individuals that are selling and promoting the product first-hand. Your front-line staff strongly impacts the perceptions and experiences of your customers. Selecting staff that will build a proper image of your product is essential, because they become the face of the product or brand. Having knowledgeable staff is important for promoting and enforcing the products image to the

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