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SWOT Analysis Essay on Best Buy Strengths Best Buy has already established a good reputation in the global market. It has been recognized not only for the large hypermarkets but also for the credibility that the company has earned in providing the best service possible for the customers. Currently, the company holds a large market share in retail industry. Apparently, the revenue of the company is continuously moving upward as Best Buy constantly penetrating the global market. The company has developed a strategic plan which enables the company to relocate the store shelves of Best Buy based on the behavior of the market. Best Buy has created niche segmentation to each store making the profit of the company grow bigger because of diverse target markets in each location. The company has also developed a reward zone program which allows the customers to earn points and receive gift certificate for future purchase (Pride, 2008). Resources and capabilities that allow the firm to complete important tasks are one of the strengths of the company. Best Buy is able to effectively manage the flow of its inventory that helps them complete the important task of having the right merchandise on its shelves for customers to buy. Weaknesses Although Best Buy has a large market share, the sales of the company heavily relied on domestic sales. The large percentage of the company’s sales mostly comes from US market despite the existence of its stores in other countries. The company still needs to push the products to the market in order to stay in the global market. Best Buy lacks strategies in strengthening the business in other countries where the company operates. Another weakness of Best Buy is its poor marketing strategy. The company focused solely on a market niche for affordable products, neglecting the niche that demands for high end items. Best Buy has been

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