Boys and Girls Perspective

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When we meet someone we scan them differently. Everybody scans someone differently. Boys scan boys differently and girls scan girls differently. When boys meet other boys, they do not look for what there are wearing or how they look like, but girls look at every aspect of you. They want to look better and be more popular or fashionable. Girls sometimes gets jealous if another girl has something better that they have like if one has a bracelet and the other one doesn’t. Girls want to have better looks than everybody else while boys just don’t care. Boys don’t dress to impress someone. Boys just put on clothes, not comb their hair and just go to where they want to go. They do not care of how they look and how someone else looks at them. Since boys act this way, they do not judge other boys of how they look. They don’t care if their clothes are spotless or filthy. If they find a shirt lying in their room, they’ll wear it. They don’t care to play dirty like in mud. They don’t match their clothes or put on jewelry. Another aspect is the skin texture. When girls see a zit or a pimple, they will freak out and try to get rid of it as quick as possible, either with make up or lotion. When boys see other boys have pimples or zits, they don’t care even if they have it themselves. Girls like to scan everything even if it comes to insignificant effects. When girls meet other girls they will immediately scan them to see their fashion. They will examine your clothes to see if it is fashionable or popular. They will ask you where you got your clothes from so they could get themselves. Girls will check your jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to see if they are genuine or high-quality. They will see if your skirt goes with your shirt. They will see if you did your make up suitably and if it isn’t, they will judge you how to do it. They will check if your skin
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