What Your Clothes Say About You

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Have you ever realized how much your clothes have an influence on how you are seen by people for the first time? Every time you walk out your front door you are sending a message by the clothes that you chose to wear. I love clothes and think of clothing as a way to express one's self and help others get a sense of who you are. Choice of clothing, especially with so many different options in fashion today, can tell a lot about a person. Wearing simple clothing and neutral colors all the time could mean that you are a simple, laid back person. Wearing lots of bold colors and crazy prints could send the message that you are kind of wild and like to have a good time. Sportswear and brands like Nike and Adidas could portray that you are athletic, workout often, and love playing sports. Camouflage clothing and Wrangler jeans would send the message that you are country and possibly work on a farm or enjoy spending a lot of time in nature. Clothing is one of the first things people notice when they see you and people may judge you based on your clothing choices. When women chose to wear very tight, revealing clothing it can often send the message that they are easy and that they may not have very high standards when it comes to men. People decked out in expensive, designer brands and lots of jewelry could send the message that they have lots of money and are high maintenance. I like to wear clothes that are cute and stylish to me and also a little different from what everyone else is wearing. I wouldn't say that I have a distinct style, just wear things that I like. I'll often piece together things that you wouldn't think typically go together but end up working as a whole outfit. I love piecing old with new and different textures together. I love neutral color clothing and chose to pair it with a pop of color in an accessory, like a purse, shoes, or jewelry. I

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