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Tammy Mrs. P Human Sexuality 13 February 2012 Alfred Kinsey Alfred Kinsey is known as an American biologist whom conducted a large research on human sexuality. Kinsey had an impact on his early upbringing with a sexually conservative father. When he married his wife Mac, he and his wife were inexperienced sexually. They both didn’t know what they were doing, and had to ask how to do “it” the right way. The problem would have never occurred if Kinsey was educated on sex as a teenager. This also impacted his work because couples would ask him for advice and he wasn’t sure of his answers. He felt like he had to do more research in order to give advice. Alfred’s theory, “everyone is different and yet everyone wants and tries to be the same,” I think means people are all different sexually. For example, some people can have orgasms quickly, as others take longer. Also, some people might say that they masturbate, while the other people might lie and say they do just to fit in, but they just haven’t explored how to do so. I agree with Kinsey that people betray their own nature just to fit in because they are so eager…show more content…
Surveys could be a good thing with the questionnaires and interviews if all the people were honest during the survey, or people could have been dishonest and didn’t want to reveal the truth maybe because they feel ashamed for masturbating at a young age or being sexually active before marriage. There are four different types of methods: case studies, survey, direct observation, and experimental method. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. The advantages for Kinsey’s survey research method are people were more open to talk about sex and if Kinsey interviewed other ethnicities, he would have had different results. The disadvantages are that Kinsey only interviewed white, middle class and college

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